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Principal's Message

Dr Holly Minch-Hick

Indian Creek Middle School Principal

Dear Indian Creek Community,

As I reflect on the past decade serving as the principal of our beloved middle school. Over the years, we've witnessed the growth, achievements, and resilience of our students, staff, and parents.

Together, we've fostered an environment that values not only academic excellence but also character development. ICMS has embraced the principles of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) where we strive to create a supportive atmosphere where every student feels valued and respected. By reinforcing positive behaviors, we aim to nurture a community where kindness and collaboration are celebrated. ICMS has been acknowledged with the PBIS Bronze award from the State in 2023.  We were the recipients of the Silver Award in 2019.  This is a reflection of our staff and community commitment to creating a safe and inclusive space. 

I am proud of the collaborative efforts that have shaped our school's identity. I also want to take this opportunity to share an exciting initiative called “Leader In Me” that our school has embraced to foster leadership skills in our students. Leader In Me is a comprehensive, school-wide program designed to empower students with essential life skills and leadership qualities.  It is based on Stephen Covey’s “ The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and aims to instill these habits in our students from an early age. 

Although we are in our first year, we have already made significant strides.  As part of the program, we have established a Lighthouse Committee.  This committee serves as a guiding force in implementing Leader In Me within our school.  The Lighthouse Committee consists of dedicated students, teachers and administrators who work collaboratively to create an environment that promotes leadership, responsibility and personal growth.  Our goal is to inspire a generation of confident, proactive and compassionate individuals, and we believe that Leader In Me, coupled with the efforts of the Lighthouse Committee will contribute significantly to the development of these qualities in our students.  Our student Lighthouse Committee to date has implemented morning student greeters stationed at the doors and student announcers that read the morning announcements over the building intercom.  These opportunities are being offered to any student that wants to step up and be a positive beacon of light and leadership in our school.  Every Thursday, our teachers are instructing using a social emotional lesson (SEL) from Leader In Me. 

From engaging curriculum enhancements to extracurricular programs, our shared dedication has propelled us forward. I look forward to continued collaboration, innovation, and fostering a nurturing environment that empowers every member of our community. Thank you for choosing ICMS as the place to educate your child. 

As always, we appreciate our staff, students, parents, and community.  You all make Indian Creek an amazing place to learn and thrive. 


H. Minch-Hick
ICMS School Principal