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Principal's Message


Dear Parents & Students:


Welcome Back! I hope you are all excited to return. Thank you all for the positive attitude and flexibility demonstrated last year. We had many challenges and I am so proud of our staff and students. A positive attitude and positive thinking are attributed to reduced stress, better self-confidence, higher attendance rates, greater focus, a stronger immune system, and better mental wellness; so keep it coming!! We have so much to be positive about!


We have great things happening at ICMS and across the district. We have an amazing staff and some new faces in the building. We purchased additional curricula for student remediation and growth and our STEM program continues to evolve.


As always, middle school presents new challenges for all students as they identify individuality, develop executive functioning skills and self-awareness. Parents have a tremendous influence on their children but if the school can do anything to make your middle school experience better, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to the upcoming school year. Thank you again for your ongoing support.




H. Minch-Hick

ICMS Principal